Samuel Morley

MORLEY, Samuel.

Private. 2nd Battalion. Military Train. *
London Gazetted on 7th August 1860.
VCs Medal’s Custodian is The Royal Corps of Transport.
Born in December 1839 at East Retford, Nottinghamshire.
Died on 16th June 1888 at his home, 13, Garnet Street, Nottingham.
Memorial on grave in the General Cemetery, Nottingham.

Digest of Citation reads:
On 15th April 1858, Kooer Singh’s Army were pursued by a squadron of the Military Train and some troops of the Horse Artillery at Azimgurh, India. Lieutenant Hamilton, of the 3rd SikhCavalry, became unhorsed and was surrounded by the enemy, who cut and hacked at him as he lay on the ground. Private Morley, seeing the Officers predicament, and despite the fact that his own horse had been shot from under him, immediately, with the aid of Farrier Murphy, cut down one of the Sepoys, and continued fighting over the Lieutenants body until assistance arrived. This action saved Lieutenant Hamilton from being killed on the spot.
* Royal Army Service Corps.

Additional information:
Private Morley’s service career began with the 8th Hussars where he served in the Crimea from September 1855. A year later, he transferred to the Military Train (Royal Army Service Corps). His regiment was sent to India, and he fought in the Indian Mutiny.
He was presented with his Victoria Cross by her Majesty Queen Victoria in Home Park, Windsor.
Private Morley felt somewhat perturbed when he learned that Farrier Murphy had been awarded the Victoria Cross. He told General Paget CB of his grievance, during his inspection at Aldershot in 1860. The general took up the complaint, read reports of the action, and on the evidence the powers that be, decided that Morley should also receive the VC.
After spending nearly 15 years in the army, he was discharged in 1870. He found work at the local Gas-works. He died at the age of 59. The City of Nottingham, subscribed and paid for a stoned to be erected on the grave of their local hero.

4 Victoria Crosses and 1 George cross have been awarded to members of the Corps.

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