Richard Masters

MASTERS, Richard George.

Private. Royal Army Service Corps. *
London Gazetted on 8th May 1918.
Born on 30th March 1877 at Southport, Lancashire.
Died on 4th April 1963 at Southport, Lancashire..
Memorial not known.

Digest of Citation reads:
The communications had been cut and the wounded could not be evacuated because of an enemy attack. Reports had come that the road was impassable, in spite of this, Private Master’s, who was attached to the *141st Field Ambulance, volunteered to try and get through. With the greatest of difficulties he managed to succeed by clearing the road of all kind of debris. Throughout the whole of the afternoon he continued to make journey after journey over the road, which was subjected persistently to shell and machine-gun fire. On one occasion, he was bombed my aeroplane. Private Masters was able to help evacuate the majority of the wounded from the area. His car was the only one that managed to get through during this particular phase.

4 Victoria Crosses and 1 George cross have been awarded to members of the Corps.

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